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Danza Contemporánea – Upcoming Workshop

El objetivo es permitirle al cuerpo descubrir sus posibilidades de movimiento y expresión, y en ese camino reconocer su individualidad y recursos para una danza fluida y propia. Las clases comenzarán con ejercicios simples en el suelo que gradualmente nos llevaran a la vertical y a movimientos que requieran mayor coordinación.

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Axis Syllabus – dance is similar to a language

There might be different kinds of education involved in the activity of dancing: virtuosity, prowess, finesse, style… but there is one unifying character: to pay attention to others and be observed by others. Dancing is a socially interactive form of communication with multiple expressions that is literally found in all societies.

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The Healing Powers of Dance

Dance as a curative exercise isn’t a new phenomenon. The dance therapy movement was born decades ago when Marian Chace first introduced dance to psychiatric patients at St. Elizabeths Hospital in Washington, DC in the 1940s. A study published in The New England Journal of Medicine investigated the effect leisure activities had on the risk of dementia in the elderly…

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